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Collaboration with Fishing Newsroom is pleased to form a collaboration with In this collaboration, we seek to share our resources and knowledge in educating, aiding our fishing community, as well as bringing anglers closer together.

About Fishingnewsroom

Fishingnewsroom was founded by Banzai, Alan Chan and friends in June 2005 and has been continuously improving in terms of site performance, forum features and members participation. It has now over 2000 registered members and over 40000 posted articles. is hosted on a dedicated server to provide users with quality surfing experience.

Forum Scope:

  • General Fishing Discussion
  • Lure Fishing
  • Surfcasting
  • Pond Fishing
  • Offshore Fishing
  • Tackle Discussion
  • News, Outings, Fishing Trips and Events
  • Fishing Video Clips & Photo Gallery
  • Classified (Buy/Sell)
  • Various off-topic subforums

Special Site Features:

  • User gallery for members to upload and manage their own photos
  • Chatroom to encourage better interaction among members