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Fire Worm

Fire Worm


Common Name(s): Fire Worm, Glass Worm
Scientific Name: Eurythoe Complanata
Local Name(s):
Precaution: Venomous Bristles, do not handle with bare hands
Edible: No
Bait Feasibilty: Not feasible as the bristle deters fishes to bite

A very common worm identified by the bristles on the sides of the worm. They can be found in sandy or muddy beaches, often hidden under rocks. They usually don't burrow themselves deep down so you are likely to see them by flipping rocks over, usually in a cluster. This worm is of no interest to anglers as fish are not known to feed on it.

Fire worms should not be handled with bare hands as the bristles gets attached onto your hand on a slightest touch. The bristles are very small and fine and can be hard to see once it gets stuck on your hands. Their bristles are midly venomous, but can still inflict a painful sting.


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A pair of bristle worms in a tank