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Red-eared Terrapin

Red-eared Terrapin


Common Name(s): Red-eared Terrapin
Scientific Name: Trachemys Scripta Elegans
Local Name(s):
Precaution: Painful bite, especially from adult terrapins.

An introduced freshwater tortoise that thrives extremely well in our reservoirs and other freshwater bodies. Juveniles are sold as pets at aquarium shops, but they often outgrow themselves to their owners liking when they get too large in size. Irresponsible pet owners often dump this unwanted pet into the reservoir as well as certain religious groups releasing them for spiritual beliefs. Note that Nparks and PUB do not encourage people to do so as it upsets the ecological balance of the freshwater habitat.

The Red-eared Terrapins are of no interests or value to anglers and are often considered a nuisance, causing disturbance to the fishing area and sometimes taking bait(such as bread). Their curiosity to water disturbance often got themselves hooked by lures.


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Terrapin evades net