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Common Name(s): Dorab Wolf-Herring
Scientific Name: Chirocentrus Dorab
Local Name(s): [Md]西刀(Xi1 Dao1), [Hk]Sai Toh, [My]Ikan Parang
Precaution: Sharp teeth
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 30 secs

The Wolf Herring are pelagic predatory fish. They very fast swimmers and preys on small fishes. They have very long and sharp teeth that punctures its prey's body instantly.

The Wolf Herring can be commonly be found when there are schools of bait fish such as herrings. Places such as Bedok Jetty is an excellent place to hunt for this fish due to the consistency of tambans in that area. Since they're pelagic fish, use of floating or midwater rig is most suitable. Use of live bait is recommended. Considerable thickness of leader should be used as they have very sharp teeth though not closely packed. It is not necessary to use wire trace. Artificial lures such as plugs, spoons and jigs are known to be effective with fast retrieval.

Common sizes encountered in local water range from 1.5-2.5ft. Their takes are extremely fast and tend to swim upwards or break surface when they do so. It's more often that you get to see the fish jump before you realize there's a hookup. Wolf Herrings have strong and fast initial burst but exhaust themselves fairly quickly. They do not last long out of water and their scales shed very easily when handled.

Wolf herring is a nice eating fish but have lots of bones. It is commonly sold in wet markets and is also widely known as an effective bait for fishing threadfins.

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