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Mud Crab

Mud Crab


Common Name(s): Mud Crab
Scientific Name: Scylla spp
Local Name(s): [Md] 螃蟹 (Pang2 Xie4)
Precaution: Very Strong Pincers
Edible: Yes

Mud crabs are the biggest and meatiest species of crab locally which makes them one of the most sought after crabs among crabbers. These crabs can be commonly found in estauries and mangrove swamps and can also sometimes be found in monsoon canals as far inland as the tide can bring them.

These crabs make burrows in mud banks within the intertidal zone. The burrow is oval in shape and can be a few metres deep. Within its burrow, there will be a pool of water which keeps the crab cool and hydrated during low tide. As tide rises they come out of their burrows to forage, particularly more active during night time.

There are three species of mud crabs that can be found locally; Giant Mud Crab, Orange Mud Crab and Purple Mud Crab.


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