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Abbreviations and Local Terms

Abbreviation Full Term Remarks
ACK Ang Cho Kee (Ang Zho Kee aka Russell's snapper) Hokkien
BC Baitcaster (Multiplier)  
BJT Bedok Jetty  
BR Bedok Reservoir  
CBW Changi Boardwalk  
CnR Catch and Release  
CP Carpark (Changi)  
CR Catch Report  
ECP East Coast Park  
GT Giant Trevally  
HB Horsburg  
HBK Hotboys Kelong  
HLF Handlinefishing(.com)  
ID Identification  
FC Fluorocarbon  
FK Fishingkaki(.com)  
FNR Fishingnewsroom(.com)  
FO Fishingouting.(com)  
FS For Sale Forum Term
GPS Global Positioning System  
KBL Kim Bak Lor (Barramundi) Hokkien
KJR Kranji Reservoir  
PB Peacock Bass  
LCK Lim Chu Kang  
LP/LBP Labrador Park  
LSR Lower Seletar Reservoir  
MJ Mangrove Jack  
MRR MacRitchie Reservoir  
MS Marina South (Pond)  
OT Off topic Forum Term
P17/P24 Punggol 17th Ave / Punggol 24th Ave  
PPP Punggol Pro Pond  
PRP Pasir Ris Pond  
PTK (BTK) Pai Tee Kong (Bai Tee Gong), a form of fishing technique Hokkien
RSYC Republic of Singapore Yacht Club  
SAFYC Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club  
SBW Sembawang (Jetty)  
SCS South China Sea  
SiC Silicon Carbide  
TMJ Taman Jurong (Pond)  
TP Tanjong Pinang  
USR Upper Seletar Reservoir  
LSBF Long Snood Bottom Feeder  
WTB Want to buy Forum Term
WTS Want to sell Forum Term


Local Term Translation Remarks
Ah Lau People(anglers of middle ages and above), also stereotyped as baiters in illegal fishing grounds, and not releasing juvenile fishes. Hokkien
Apollo A terminal tackle consisting of typically 2-3 branch hooks, Also call paternoster rig Hokkien
Bai Tee Kong A form of fishing technique with retrieval similar to the actions of showing offerings to dieties with joss sticks. Hokkien
Heurr Ko/Bubu A fish trap made of wire mesh cage Hokkien
Hong Kong Hook A hook with lead moulded to its base, similar to a jig head  
Kelong A Palisade Fish Trap (see glossary) Malay
Lang Gong A terminal tackle consisting of a metal jig attached to a sinker with very long trace, sometimes also spelled as Ranggong (malay?). Hokkien
Leng A long drift net that is often laid near water surface or across rivers Hokkien
Long Kang Drain Hokkien
Pah Bang Net Casting Hokkien
Pancing Fishing Malay
Sampan A small wooden boat Malay
Sangkot Snagged Malay
Tio Diao Snagged Hokkien
Tiong Piuo Inflated swim bladder Hokkien
Pawang A skilled fishing guide (but literally means medicineman) Malay
Pulau Island Malay