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Below are types of marine fishes that found in Singapore waters, categorized into families. Not all families or species are listed here on this website. New fishes will be added as and when I come across them.

Groupers Snappers, Emperors Grunts, Tigerperches Breams, Silver Biddies
Barramundis, Barracuda Halfbeaks, Needlefishes Herrings, Wolf Herrings Mackerels, Tenpounders
Needlefishes, Halfbeaks Parrotfishes, Tuskfishes Pufferfishes, Tripodfishes Rabbitfishes, Scats
Scats, Rabbitfishes Silver Biddies, Breams Stingrays, Sharks Tenpounders, Mackerels
Trevallies Tripodfishes, Pufferfishes Tuskfishes, Parrotfishes Wolf Herrings, Herrings
Barracudas, Barramundis Sand Whitings, Mullets Cardinalfishes, Damselfishes Croakers, Threadfins
Damselfishes, Cardinalfishes Eeltail Catfishes, Marine Catfishes Emperors, Snappers Filefishes, Triggerfishes
Flatheads, Flounders Flounders, Flathead Mullets, Sand Whitings Tigerperches, Grunts
Sharks, Stingrays Threadfins, Croakers Sandperches, Gobies Gobies, Sandperches
Guitarfishes Marine Catfish Other fish families  

Abbreviations used in this section:
[Md] - Mandarin [Hk] - Hokkien [Tc] - Teochew [Cn] - Cantonese [My] - Malay [??] - Uncertain
CNR Time - If you want to release the fish, it is recommended you do not exceed this time duration upon landing it.