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Common Name(s): Common Walking Catfish
Scientific Name: Clarias batrachus
Local Name(s): Tor Sat
Precaution: Venomous spines at pectoral fins
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 10 mins

This catfish is commonly found in streams, ponds and reservoir islandwide. They're quite hardy fishes and have the ability to survive in small ponds or places with little water. They have the ability to 'walk' on land using their pectoral fins and body to wriggle their way to other water sources to dwell, thus earning its name; Walking Catfish. They will eat almost anything but worms are probably the best bait to lure them. They like to hide near grassy/soil banks where they can burrow into the sides for shelter. A patch of murky water near the bank is a sign of its burrowing activity.

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Reference: Fishbase, RMBR


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