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Common Name(s): Indian Anchovy
Scientific Name: Stolephorus Indicus
Local Name(s): [Md]大柴江, [Hk]Kang Heurr, [My]Ikan Bilis
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 15 secs

Better known as the Ikan Bilis, the Indian Anchovy are common throughout different water salinity. They usually come in school and stay close to structures or seawall. They can be easily caught with small feathered jigs, similar to jigging tambans. Although it may be small in size (commonly ranging from 3 to 5 inches), its meat is very soft and tasty.

Many predatory too like to prey on this fish, that seems to make it an ideal bait. However, this dies very quickly once caught and because the flesh of the Ikan Bilis is very soft, it cannot withstand strong casting. The fish will easily tear away from the baiting hook.

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