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Common Name(s): Climbing Perch
Scientific Name: Anabas Testudineus
Local Name(s): [Hk]Qi Kack
Precaution: Sharp Gill plates
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 5 min

The Climbing Perch is known for its ability to move on land, for migrating from pond to pond especially when water is drying out. They are very hardy fishes and can survive with unfavourable water conditions. Their gill plates are hard and can extend to a wide angle which are used to 'climb' along grass as it wiggles. They have air breathing organs that allow them to stay out of water for a long time, but the evironment condition must be moist and cool; such as during the night or when it is raining.

They can be found in moving and stagnant water bodies and likes to hide among vegetation near water banks. Climbing perches are omivorous but prefers carnivorous diet. Earthworms will work very well as bait to catch them. They typically don't grow very large in size (~25cm) but can be eaten.

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Reference: Fishbase, RMBR


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