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Common Name(s): Pink Ear Emperor, Purple-headed Emperor
Scientific Name: Lethrinus Lentjan
Local Name(s): [Md]龙占(Long2 Zhan1), [Hk]Leng Jiam, [My]Mempinang
Precaution: Harmless, caution of anal spine when handling
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

The Pink Ear Emperor is a common fish throughout our waters, typically favouring reef/rocky and sandy places, feeding on small crustaceans and small fishes. They are able to bury themselves under shallow sand for protection, especially for younger fish.

Small Emperors (~100g-300g) can gather in large groups in shallow/near reefs while larger ones (>1kg) are often found at the deeper end of reef fringes. They are aggressive feeders but have a scavenging nature, they don't mind taking on small pieces of prawn/fish/squid meat and worms. For baiting, use of bottom feeder rig is recommended.

Large emperors are very good fighters, with interval of short but strong bursts during fights. They also have tendency to dash for rocks/cover on first run, although they don't lodge themselves among the rocks like groupers and tuskfishes.

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