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Common Name(s): Redbelly Yellowtail Fusilier
Scientific Name: Fusiliers (Caesionidae), subfamily: Caesioninae > Caesio Cuning
Local Name(s): [Md]蕃茨鱼(Fan2 Ci2 Yu2), [Hk]Han Zi Heurr, [Cn]Tow Fu Yu, [My]Ikan Delah, Yellowtail
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

The meat of this fish is well-known locally for making fishball. They are found mostly near coral fringes or rocky shores and also places with lots of cover such as jetties, pontoons or shallow wrecks. They are commonly found in groups and feed actively when there's current. Small shrimps are known to be a very effective bait for this fish.

This fish can be extremely cautious when they're not in a group feeding frenzy and are known to be spooked by thick lines or a lost fish. Anglers typically use no more than 0.25mm of leader line when targetting for this fish. The Redbelly Yellowtail Fusilier puts up a pretty good fight relative to its size. Because they are often found near covers and low poundage lines has to be typically used, it may be a challenge stopping them from dashing into cover.

Berlying some small shrimps from time to time can encourage the fish to stay on and possibly inducing a feeding frenzy.

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