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Common Name(s): Barred Soapfish, Yellow Soapfish
Scientific Name: Diploprion Bifasciatum
Local Name(s): [Md]肥皂鱼(Fei2 Zao4 Yu2), [Hk]Sa Boon Heurr, [My]Sebakah Laut
Precaution: Secretion from body can cause irritation in eyes
Edible: Not known for consumption

This pretty looking fish is commonly found along coral/rocky areas, usually in the southern islands. A distinct characteristic of the fish is the film of white secretion covering its body; very similar to soap lotion, hence its name. The fish isn't dangerous to handle with bare hands but its secretion can cause irritation when in contact with your eyes or wounds. Do wash your hands after you've handled them.

The soapfish can be found solitary or in large groups. Prawn meat is pretty effective bait to catch them, they sometimes get fooled by tamban jigs as well. They hardly grow bigger than palm-size and don't offer any thrill in their fight. Considered a pesky fish to anglers, but probably can be made as a beautiful pet.


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