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Common Name(s): Chocolate Hind, Indian Grouper
Scientific Name: Cephalopholis Boenak
Local Name(s): Johnson, [Hk]Orh Gau Gu, [??]Aramugum, [My]Kerapu
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 2 mins

This fish is very adaptive to our waters and is very commonly caught along shores or offshore. They can dwell in waters as shallow as 1 ft to as deep as 100 ft or even more. They are very easy to catch because they tend to take the bait whole without hesitation and will even take big pieces of bait. However, they typically don't grow very big and their meat don't quite match up to other groupers like the orange-spotted grouper.

The Chocolate Hind likes to hide among rocks or under covers like any other groupers. They can be found solitary or in small groups. They aren't choosy with the type or size of baits. Like other groupers, they have the tendency to dash into rocks after they take your bait. However, they're reaction isn't as fast as other species. They don't fight very well and resists very little; only resistant you will probably feel is the water resistant from its wide opened mouth as you retrieve it back with the fish spinning.

Chocolate Hinds are considered pesky fish to most anglers due to their small size and meat quality. The meat of this fish can sometimes be used as baits as well.

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