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Common Name(s): Duskytail Grouper
Scientific Name: Epinephelus Bleekeri
Local Name(s): [My]Kerapu
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 2 mins

This grouper looks very similar to the Orange-spotted Grouper and often misidentified by anglers as both fishes have orange spots on their body. One can differentiate the two by looking closely at the tail. The Orange-spotted Grouper has spots throughout its tail while the Duskytail Grouper has spots only on the upper portion of its tail. Duskytail Groupers also have deeper body and more distinct, rounder spots than the Orange-spotted Grouper.

This grouper share very similar diet and habitat with the Orange-spotted Grouper, which can be found in shallow and deep waters but are less commonly encountered. They don't grow as large as the Orange-spotted Grouper either, common size caught locally up to 1.5kg. This grouper is said to be slightly better quality than the Orange-spotted Grouper (verification needed).

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