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Common Name(s): Common Remora, Slender Shark-sucker
Scientific Name: Remora remora
Local Name(s):
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

Remoras are often found attached to big fishes and sea animals like sharks, rays and sea turtles. They are commensal fish(as opposed to parasites); meaning they do not harm or feed directly on the host but simply hitching a ride and eating scraps of food left from its host. They are easily identified with their suction disk on top of their head, which is used to attach themselves on to their host.

As remoras feed on leftover food from their host, they'll certainly take baits like worms, prawns and small chunks of fish meat. If you've caught a remora, it is most likely that a big fish or a sea turtle is lurking nearby. So be on your guard. Retrieve fast when catching a remora from a boat, they are likely to attach themselves on the boat hull making retrieval difficult. The suction force is quite remarkable.

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