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Common Name(s): Spotted Sicklefish
Scientific Name: Drepane Punctata
Local Name(s): [Hk]Cao Xi, [My]Tudung Periuk
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

Sicklefishes are common in estuaries and places with muddy seabed, including offshore waters. They can be found solitary or small groups feeding on what they can scavenge from the seabed. Sea worms and prawn meat works pretty well in catching sicklefishes, but hook size should not be too large when targeting for them as they have small mouth. They will take full size prawns as well but it takes awhile for them to chew their way through.

On the angler's end, it can sometimes be perceive as a small fish nibbling on the bait. A well timed strike can increase more successful hook ups. The fight from sicklefish is not too sluggish nor fast but can do short bursts especially from larger ones. Typical size encounter locally ranges from 300g - 1kg but they can grow much bigger.

Meat quality is average with slight muddy taste. Proper preparation and seasoning can make this fish a good dish and is sometimes served in restaurants.

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