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Common Name(s): John's Snapper, Golden Snapper, Fingermark Snapper
Scientific Name: Lutjanus Johnii
Local Name(s): [Md]红皂(Hong2 Zao4), [Md]红潮(Hong2 Chao2), [Hk]Ang Zho, [Tc] Ang Zhor, [My]Ungah
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

The John's Snapper is probably the most favoured snapper among anglers' choice. They are aggressive and put up a good fight, even from great depths. They can be found throughout Singapore waters but are less commonly found near coral reefs. The John's Snapper can grow to a very large size, easily over 1.5kg and can grow as big 6kg(or more).

The adults are commonly found in deep waters (30ft and beyond) residing in sea trenches, drop-offs, wrecks and other forms of structures and covers. The adults are usually found in groups in the abovementioned environments. It is essential to be cautious and swift when encountering a snapper group. If a snapper escapes a struggle from an angler, the rest will be spooked and cease to feed.

The adults will move in close to shores to spawn and its offsprings will remain there till it reaches adulthood and heads back to the deeper waters. The young snappers adapts well to brackish waters, they can be typically found in mangrove swamps, river mouths or just about anywhere along our shores. Much like the adults, they like seek residence in near covers and structures, lurking in dark places.

Live/fresh squid is probably the best bait to catch the John's snapper, especially the bigger ones. Live prawns are effective in catching the snappers of all sizes. Other baits includes baitfishes(eg. tambans) and Sarong worms. Artificial lures are known to work as well. They will feed throughout the day(and night) although bigger ones are commonly caught during night time.

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