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Common Name(s): Talang Queenfish
Scientific Name: Scomberoides Commersonnianus
Local Name(s): [Hk]Sam Poh Gong, [Hk]Tua Peh Gong, [My]Talang
Precaution: Venomous spines before dorsal fin
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 30 secs

This is a popular game fish locally. An aggressive pelagic fish that takes live bait fishes readily. It takes line fast intially but don't last very long. They have tendency to do acrobatic jumps out of water when hooked. This fish cannot survive out of water for very long; if you intend to release the fish, please do so as quickly as possible.

This fish can be caught on and offshore, pretty much all round Singapore. Strong current and presence of bait fishes such as tamans are favourable conditions to catching queenfishes.

Most Chinese locals avoid eating this fish because it is believed to be related to a diety - the marks on the queenfish are said to be the fingerprint marks left by the deity. In general, the meat quality isn't as good as other trevallies like diamond trevally or bumpnose trevally. However, it still does make a good dish if cooked with the right recipe.

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