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Common Name(s): Atlantic Tripletail
Scientific Name: Lobotes Surinamensis
Local Name(s): Tripletail, [Md]铁泊(Tie3 Po3), [Hk]Tee Poh, [My]Sepak Karang
Precaution: Aggresive, may bite
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

Tripletails gets its name from the two fins near its tail that are all similar in size, thus looking like three tails. It is a predatory fish that can be found along coastal areas. The young are yellowish to brown in colour and takes a camouflage as a leaf drifting near water surface, ambushing prey. Adults are mostly brown to greyish in colour and can easily grow up to a few kilograms.

Tripletails are known to be aggressive fighters but are not commonly encountered. They can be caught using baitfish or prawns.

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