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Common Name(s): Brown-marbled Grouper
Scientific Name: Epinephelus Fuscoguttatus
Local Name(s): Tiger grouper, [Md]老虎斑(Lao2 Hu3 Ban1), [My]Kerapu
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 2 mins

This grouper wasn't as common as it used to be several years ago until it was introduced in fish farming. Escapees from farms and release by religious groups made this grouper common in our waters, especially in northeastern - southern waters. They can be found in both brackish water and saltwater, hiding near rocks or places with cover.

They have a rather thick layer of skin and the meat quality of this grouper is not as good as that of Orange-spotted Grouper or the Malabar grouper. But they are easy to breed and grow quickly, suitable to be farmed. Commonly sold live/fresh in supermarkets and served in restaurants.

The Brown-marbled grouper can be easily caught using bait or artificial lure. They share typical behaviour has other groupers dashing for cover upon striking its prey.

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