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Common Name(s): Golden Trevally
Scientific Name: Gnathanodon Speciosus
Local Name(s): [Hk]Boon Nang
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

Golden Trevallies are little less common than the Indian Threadfish. Adults are tough fighting fish; although their speed is not fast as the Talang Queenfish, their high stamina gives them a long fight. Expect them to run a distance before able to pull them back. Generally a nice eating fish, packs more meat than the Indian Threadfish.

Golden Trevallies are scavengers from young, they aren't too choosy about bait so they'll take just about any pieces of meat like fish, prawns or squids. The youngs are bright yellow with distinct, adults have dull white with stripes. Can be found solitary or in pairs, juveniles may travel in groups. They are also known to follow large fishes such rays, sharks and even turtles picking up scraps of leftover food from them.

One interesting behavior of the golden trevally that was noted was that the adults sometimes tend take nibble on the bait as if it was a small fish on the line. With a successful strike and immediate setting of hook, there's no immediate awareness and very little resistance from the fish. This lag in reaction can cause line burst when the fish suddenly takes a turn and run. Golden Trevallies sometimes have the tendency to swim up to shallow/rocky(if exists) waters during fight, in attempt to cause abrasion to line.

Golden Trevallies can caught at most parts of Singapore waters.

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