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Kranji Reservoir

This reservoir in the north is the first to be opened for fishing in 1985. It has two fishing grounds, both accessible by public bus and has a toilet near each fishing ground. The reservoir has a nice scenic view and you can see Johor just across the straits. The fishing grounds have lots of shelter from tall trees and pavillions which makes it favourable for family activities such as picnics or just having an evening walk. And if both fishing grounds aren't enough for you, simply hop over to the other side(across the road) for some saltwater action, though it is not known to be productive.

Like many reservoirs in Singapore which have already been opened for fishing, the legal fishing grounds of Kranji Reservoirs are much overfished. Live-baiting remains a persistent problem and hard to control, making it difficult for anglers using artificial baits to compete, or even catch anything at all.

Both fishing grounds are opened from 7am - 7pm daily, after which the gates to the compound will be locked.


How to get there?

The most convenient way to get to Kranji Reservoir is by your own transport. There's a carpark just beside each fishing grounds with little walking needed. For public transport, there's bus 925. You can take this bus from Woodlands Regional Interchange and alight near the respective fishing grounds you wish to fish(see map below). The yellow markings in the map below denotes the area where fishing is allowed.

Map of Kranji Park


Fishing Ground A

This fishing ground is more accessible, more facilitated and bigger than ground B. The bus stop is just less than a minute walk away from the main gate and the carpark is just across the road from it.


Ground A has fishing jetty just a few steps in from the main gate. It's very spacious and gives you the extra reach out to the deeper water. The jetty itself also provides cover for fishes such as marbled goby to hide, luring along side of the jetty isn't a bad idea too. But something is missing from the jetty. Shelter! This deters many anglers from fishing on the jetty and many would prefer to fish along the banks because there's shade from the trees along it. Early morning or evening would be a good time to fish on the jetty as the sun isn't that harsh on the hardworking lurers.


The rest of the of ground A are rocky banks, accessible by a stretch of red bricked path. The whole stretch is mostly sheltered by trees but there are also man-made shelters and benches as well. At the end of the path is fenced gate which denotes the end of the fishing ground. You are not allowed to go over it.


Fishing Ground B

The second fishing ground is located beside the reservoir's tidal gate. It is a good alternative place to fish if the first one is too crowded, especially during weekends. There are pavillions and benches here too, but there's no paved path. You have to tread on the grass and your feet will be soaked if it rains. It's also a little further to walk from the bus stop and carpark compared to ground A. You can catch more or less the same types of fishes as you can from ground A.


Ground B is much smaller than ground A, the fishable area is denoted in the picture below. Despite of its limited space, some regulars believe that B has better catch rate than A. Many people fish here for crayfishes too, its rocky banks are excellent cover for them.


The lack of space to fish at ground B makes it quite tempting to fish out of the designated areas. Even so, you're reminded that these areas are not allowed to fish and PUB has rights to keep you away, and probably for your own safety too. The picture below shows the adjacent walls of the tidal gates, there will be rapid waters when they are releasing excess water into the sea. So for your own safety, especially the young ones, do not climb on or over the railings for any reasons.


A video clip of a 360 degrees view from the jetty

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