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If you're at Kranji Reservoir during weekends, you'll most certainly see lots of people squatting patiently by the rocky bank with a stick and net. They're fishing for crayfish, a popular and fun hobby for all. Although I must admit that they're using illegal form of baits, but I think it is much it can be more enjoyable activity than fishing(at least at kranji reservoir). It's an activity a whole family can enjoy participating and enjoy because it's not as complicated as rods and reels. In a way it promotes family togetherness. I wish PUB can approve and encourage crayfishing in reservoirs, with appropriate control and compromise of course.


The pictures below shows the harvest of one particular crayfisher. Most of the crayfishes there are pretty small, with occasional palm-sized crayfish. Prawns can also be lured and netted using the same way but there aren't many around.


Besides prawns and crayfishes, 'sian hgee'(eels) and 'soon hock'(marble goby) can be caught along the rocky banks of kranji reservoir too.


The fish that once dominated the reservoirs are now forced to retreat into the more remote parts of Kranji Reservoirs. There are still quite a few tomans(snakeheads) still lingering in the legal fishing grounds as well as those from further in the reservoir foraging into these territories. Occasionally, you can see schools of baby tomans swimming near the water surface creating. They're easily spotted with the turbulence they make when they surface for air all at once. Each group is usually escorted with an adult toman, which protects and lead them away from danger. Provoking it with lures is possible.


Live baiters very common in just about any reservoirs. Their presence is very discouraging and disheartening to those who use artificial baits. It is generally true that using live baits have much higher chance of catching tomans than using artificial baits. It can be quite a arduous task for the authorities to oversee such illegal use of live baits. You can do your part to help the authorities by not involving in such acts yourself.


In Conclusion

Kranji Reservoir still isn't too bad for fishing but it's not a place where you're guaranteed a fish everytime, but then again, which reservoir is? Catching a fish using lures can be quite a challenge at Kranji reservoirs, especially when up against live baiters. There are still tomans around, you have fish at the right place at the right time and keep your eyes open for toman baby swarms. It's a nice place to hang out as a family during weekends too. You may like to try fishing for crayfishes too.

Good luck.


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